HBR Aviation | Environmental Project


The HBR was designed and built to generate
the minimum environmental impact

Item 1


Water Treatment Station (WTS)

The treated water by this station is used in our daily operations and helps to drastically reduce the direct consumption of drinking water.

Item 2


Sewage Treatment Station (STS)

This treatment brings environmental benefits, sanitary and public health. Water can be used safely, for example, in irrigation of gardens.

Item 3


Stormwater Containment Reservoir

The water collection system installed in all areas of the company helps to reduce the supply of drinking water for our operations.

Item 4


Stormwater Treatment for Reuse

After the capture and containment, the waters are treated and reused. This helps to reduce the consumption of drinking water in our daily activities.

Item 5


Separators and Treatment System (Water-Oil)

The system collects the waters contaminated with oils and greases of our patios and separates them to receive treatment and appropriate target.

Item 6


Solar Energy System for Water Heating

Solar panels installed on the roofs of buildings collect renewable energy that heats the water from the reservoir used in our activities.

Item 7


Solar Energy System for LED Lighting

This lighting system patios promotes a saving of up to 80% of the energy consumed, have longer service life and requires less maintenance.

Item 8


Natural Lighting by Architectural Design

Large windows used in the architecture of the buildings take advantage of the sun as the main source of light to reduce the use of artificial lighting.

Item 9


Temperature Equilibrium by Architectural Design

Modern techniques used in indoor environments keep the temperature comfortable and reduce the use of air conditioners and heaters.

Item 10


Green Roofs in Administrative Buildings

The green roofs reduce pollution, protect our buildings of high temperatures and help the drainage of stormwater to reservoirs.

Item 11


Heating System Based on Biomass

This heating model promotes not only saving of up to 90% on energy consumed, as does not release toxic gases into the atmosphere.

Item 12


Induction System in Gas Replacement

This process eliminates the use of gas in our kitchen equipments and, beyond to be more economical system, does not throw pollutants in the atmosphere.

Item 13


Waste Management System and Selective Collect

The waste produced in our facilities is carefully separated and destined to recycling cooperatives.

Item 14


Soundproofing by Architectural Design

In our facilities, we used acoustic insulating materials and vegetation to minimize the noise produced by aircraft and machines.

Item 15


Specific Plan of Noise Zoning (PEZR, in portuguese)

We are the first venture of its kind in the country to obtain this license, ensuring the low sound noise produced in our operations.

Item 16


Landscape Design with Native Plants

Respecting biodiversity, we used native plants adapted to the climate and terrain, which requires less care with irrigation and fertilization.


HBR Aviation | Sao Paulo

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